One of life’s great pleasures is to work with someone who has joy, enthusiasm and purpose in what they do. Debra is that someone who does that for me and for the people that encounter her in her work. Her style of teaching and heartfelt caring engage nurses and staff and teach them that humor, and attitude toward life matter! The laughter of HE HE, HA HA, HO HO make all hearts jump for joy. I am glad to be associated with Debra and all of her fine work in resilience training.

Rev. Jack A. Conrad
Director of Spiritual Care | LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

Debra is an absolutely amazing woman. I have had the opportunity to participate in one of her Conferences and it was run very efficiently and on time. Debra has an amazing outlook as well as a beautiful personality. She has been so supportive of the work that I do and always wants to help others! I think she is absolutely the greatest!

Kelley Alsobrook
Founder/President, EmpowerU

Debra Norwood is an exceptional person who spreads contagious laughter for therapeutic purposes. Debra works with professionals, groups and corporations who wish to manage morale, stress elements and levels of confidence within their inner circle for a better place to live, work and play. An attorney first…Debra knows first hand how to effectively deal with high-end stress levels through the joy of laughter and make a stressful environment a place of peace.

Sherri Motes Henley
Business Over Coffee International

Mrs. Norwood is a great person with a humble heart. I am grateful to know her and work with her together for the sake of our Latino community.

Octavio Areas
Chaplain II, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center

Debra came to our annual staff retreat and was a wonderful trainer who got us all laughing and relaxed so we could do our serious business! Thanks Debra!

Linda Seely
CEO, A Step Ahead Foundation

Debra’s Laughter Lawyer Leader presentations are an excellent team building presentation for a group or company. Smiles are on all in the room, and everyone has a great time. Stress is immediately reduced among those in the room, and the exercises and information she provides assures that when stress creeps in at a later time, one will be ready to deal with pushing it out the window!

Carolyn Bendall
Editor In Chief, Your True Colours Magazine

Debra is a great inspiration to all people that seek her help; she is dedicated, a great servant of Memphis and Shelby County community. Because of her influence and empowering Hispanic women, many have accomplished successful businesses, and great careers in their lives. She is a great human being that with her sweet but yet sturdy ways has helped many people in our community.

Ivette Baldizon
Government Administrator

I recently had an opportunity to attend a “Laughter Lawyer” workshop conducted by Debra Norwood. The session was quite an enlightening method of reducing stress, for me, through laughter. Mrs. Norwood is a remarkable facilitator; in addition, she’s personable and charismatic.

Cynthia A. Stovall
Director of Outreach Ministries, Trinity Lutheran Church

Debra is willing ot reinvent herself. She is a caring and compassionate woman who is full of passion for life and the law. She laughs often and can help you see the brighter side of things. She has shown me she has a great knowledge of the law.

Kally Efros
Wellness Coach, Certified LifeLine Practioner, Speaker